Fantasy Book Cover Design
Stand Out! Sell More!

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. So very true but – oh! – so very wrong.
As a professional writer, you know the competition is fierce. No-one knows who you are and no-one cares.
Just like hundreds of thousands of other authors, you have just one chance – just one fraction of a second-
to catch a reader’s eye and make that vital, favourable first impression.

“Right now, your book cover is everything! Right now, your story counts for nothing.”

First impressions matter. It is why we dress up to look our very best for that all-important first date.
Whether it’s “Not in a million years!” or “Definitely worth getting to know better”,
we have made up our minds before we even shake the other person’s hand.
For better or worse, your readers will judge your book by its cover – and they will judge you.

A poorly designed book cover screams
“cheap”, “low quality”, “lack of pride”, “poorly written”, “poorly edited”, “a waste of my time.”


Unfair? Over the top? You know it’s true. You do it yourself!


You wrote an extraordinary story. Now it needs an extraordinary design.
Fantasy Book Cover Design by Ljilja – where magic really happens!

Many authors worry about finding the right graphic designer or artist for their book cover.
Every word you have written owes its very existence to your creativity and your creativity alone.

Now, your story needs a cover and it simply has to look just the way you have imagined it.

It is scary when you must depend on the creativity of someone you do not know.
There is always the fear that you might spend a lot of money for something you really do not like or want.
Perhaps you have never worked with a graphic artist before and the technical terms frighten you
or you think you might sound silly when you ask questions.

I understand your concerns. I work with all sorts of authors.
Some have a very clear idea of what they want; others need a little more help with their ideas.
Some of my customers have worked with me many times and others have never worked with a graphic designer before in their lives.
They are all just people – just like you.

So let me take away some of the fear.
You won’t be dealing with some corporate studio where the designers are under continuous pressure to close each job as quickly as possible.
I won’t rush your project. All I ask is that you do not rush me either!
Contact me in plenty of time before you need your cover design so that we can work calmly and creatively together.


You will be working with me – Ljilja.


I take a deep and personal pride in every design I create.
That means I will work on your cover until you get exactly the vision that you imagined.
I know just how important this is for you.
We will constantly be in touch with each other, all the way from your first rough thoughts
to that magical moment when I have interpreted your beautiful design just the way you always wanted.

An exceptional cover holds the promise of an exceptional book inside – so contact Ljilja now and let the magic begin!